Advanced, Model-integrated, Offline and Real-time Visualization

Visualization Library - Comparison and Download

Community Edition
Professional Edition
Viewer Edition
Current Version 1.5 1.5 1.5
DLR SimVis Viewer Software
Modelica Library
Unlimited numbers of objects max. 50
Unlimited CAD file size for file shapes? 2 MB
Flexible bodies
Flexible surfaces without textures, 20x20 vertices
Unlimited Number of cameras? Max. 1
VR (support for HTC Vive)
Interactive graphical user interfaces (HUD)
Media and energy flow visualization
Special effects (particles, weather, ocean surface …)
Path definitions, labels, coordinate axes
Trace shape
Collision detector
only nodelocked only nodelocked
Dymola - SimVis Shapes
Dymola - Modelica MultiBody Shape (ModelicaServices)
OpenModelica - SimVis Shapes experimental experimental experimental
OpenModelica - Modelica Shapes (ModelicaServices) experimental experimental experimental
Julia API
Technical Support Please ask for a quote
License CC BY-ND 4.0 Proprietary Proprietary
Price Free 1.400 € Please ask
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Visualization Library - Description

The Visualization Library provides an advanced, model-integrated and vendorunspecific visualization tool for Modelica models. It is especially useful in the mechanical, fluid and electrical area. Many components are available for offline, online and real-time animation. Most components are attached to a Modelica model with a Frame connector of the Modelica.Mechanics.MultiBody library.

The library contains visualizers for basic shapes, CAD files (.3ds, .obj, .dxf, .stl, .vrml and more),flexible bodies and surfaces, text, light, energy-/mass-flow visualizers, analogue instruments and weather effects. A camera system can be used to define the point of view manually or controlled by simulation.

Components like Buttons, Checkboxes and Sliders are available for the creation of graphical user interfaces for the visualization software. These elements can be used to control the simulation interactively during the simulation run.

The components are visualized in an integrated system providing support for multi-camera scenes, a fullscreen mode, several monitors, replays and stereo/wireframe modes. It is based on the OpenSceneGraph framework.

The integrated video-export function allows the export of the animation replays as MPEG4, Windows Media Video, Flash Video and Lossless HUFF video.

The standard Modelica visualization for multi-body models can be replaced by this Visualization tool, if the Shape component in the ModelicaServices Library is replaced by the user.

More information and videos are available at the website of
DLR Systems & Control Innovation Lab

Screenshot: Visualization Library - Modelica components, here used in Dymola
Visualization Library - Modelica components, here used in Dymola
Screenshot: DLR SimVis - Viewer Software
DLR SimVis - Viewer Software

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